Bring Your Legal Questions to the Roper Law Firm

Bring Your Legal Questions to the Roper Law Firm

General practice, civil litigation and real estate attorney in Bismarck or Hot Springs, AR

Bismarck & Hot Springs, Arkansas residents trust the Roper Law Firm, PA to help them resolve their legal troubles. Backed by years of civil litigation experience, we'll work hard to protect your best interests.

We also represent business owners in civil matters. You should consult a civil litigation attorney in Bismarck,

  • Landlord/Tenant issues
  • Boundary disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Evictions
  • Contracts
  • Civil Defenses
  • Deeds and Deed Corrections
  • Incorporations
  • LLC

Attorney Julie Roper, our lead civil litigation attorney, will answer any questions you have about contract negotiations, business law matters or civil suits.

Social Security Appeals for Disability Benefit Denials

Roper Law Firm, PA has done many Social Security appeals over the years and succeeded in getting favorable decisions for Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Bi-Polar disorders, Asperger's, bone injuries, Hepatitis, heart problems, diabetes, and even a category of "worn out worker", As part of our initial consult, we explain the SSA regulations so that you better understand how SSA makes its decisions and why we can make a difference.

Resolve a real estate dispute fairly

You can also rely on the Roper Law Firm, PA for assistance with real estate matters in Bismarck & Hot Springs, AR. If you need a real estate attorney to represent you during the course of a real estate dispute, turn to us for support. We can work with you to resolve any type of real estate issue, including boundary disputes and real estate contract matters.

Call our office in Bismarck, AR today to schedule an appointment with a real estate attorney.