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Establishing a Trust Can Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

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When someone dies, his or her estate can be taxed or go through probate. You can protect your assets by setting up a trust for your loved ones. There's a lot of paperwork involved in establishing trusts, so it's best to rely on an experienced trust attorney in Bismarck, AR, serving Hot Springs, AR.

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3 common types of trusts explained

You can protect your assets using a wide range of trusts. Researching the different types can feel overwhelming. Just start by learning more about...

Revocable trusts: As the grantor, you can make changes at any time to the trust instructions. You can also remove assets from the trust.
Irrevocable trusts: Placing assets into this type of trust means you're giving up ownership of those assets.
Special needs trusts: SSI or Medicaid recipients can lose their benefits if they own certain types of assets. You can leave those assets in a special needs trust so your loved one can keep receiving disability benefits.

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